The Lodge

is the pub, served by The Country Kitchen

Escape the everyday. Make a landing and cocoon yourself in our nook-laden wilderness haven.

Relish in our chef’s considerate modern cooking, forging attractive twists on time-honoured fare. The Lodge is all about conquering flavour and delivering something to entice every beast. Be gone, everyday pub grub…

We’ll never scrimp on standards, so The Lodge serves up best value during these arduous times.



The Lodge cannot accept reservations and tables are 
on a first come, first served basis.

The Hollow & Luna Room

are the restaurants, proceeding under the watchful patronage of acclaimed French master Pierre Koffmann, and run daily by Ritz alumni, Christopher Lindsay.

Enter another world - physically and gastronomically … one that will leave you with questions, but bestow you with food that will provide the answers. Luxurious dishes, created from humble ingredients from a man who has a symbiotic understanding of the rhythm of all that nature provides…

The food is exquisite. Whilst we’ll hold you to many visual illusions, be under no physical illusions that the restaurants are effing expensive. But if you understand value, you will not be disappointed.



The Hollow and Luna Room are available by prior booking only.  

Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate children under 12 
in the restaurants.

Make a reservation

No reservations at the Lodge

The Muddy Duck

The lodge (pub) is now open!

12-2.30pm & 5.30-8.45pm
Sunday 12-4pm

Select evenings now available in our restaurant during July, please visit our bookings page for more details and reservations.

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