How did The Muddy Duck come about?

Well, it started with an itch.

It’s easy to sit around, criticising others and pontificating about what you’d do differently if you ran a pub or restaurant. Little did we know those debates would become something we’d have to try and realise having agreed – following quite a bit of persuasion – to take on our local and save it from its twilight years. It was time to get off the pot.

The Muddy Duck has morphed into a project close to our hearts. It’s a project we run as a family – blood family and those so close to us we view them as good as. All of us work in and are truly passionate about food and we all live in the village or up the road, so it’s personally something we hold dear and try to get right every time.

After draining many funds and straining many friendships, we hope the time and love we poured into The Muddy Duck ensures our village has a happy pub ending, where others are not so lucky.

A pragmatic move? Yup! Crazy? We think most definitely! Foolish? The jury’s out on that one – let’s hope not!

Our approach to food

We’re not great at delegating, so sourcing our food is a pretty personal exercise too. Many of the farmers and producers we use are friends outside of work and we all live and breathe the same ideas about food.

In short, we believe that great quality food should not go hand in hand with ripping customers off; it should be accessible to everyone and, as a basic pre-requisite, all meat on our menus should both be free range and British, raised with great husbandry and to high welfare standards.

Our fish is supplied with strict sustainability policies for both wild and farmed stock, so we’re not depleting those varieties under threat from our own shores. It’s as fresh as it can be, travelling from the coast the same day as catch and is viewed as a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ product.

When it comes to fresh produce we’re not going to prattle on and insist on organic, that every ingredient is grown in our allotment up the road or that every product we use in locally sourced or from the UK. Our attitude is such that if the best product is local or British then we’re going to get our paws on it every time and Union Jack flags will be seen flapping wildly from our camp. But Mother Nature is pretty harsh on Blighty and, by the law of sunshine averages, our foreign friends will beat us hands down. Getting consistently great quality products sometimes means taking a swim and sourcing away from this little island… But you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll also promote beautiful, British, seasonal fare wherever we can.

We’re ready to spread the foodie love!

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